Ok, so this blogging thing has taken me a while to work out!  I’ve been trying to get it sorted so that I can participate in the challenges over at “The Monthly Stitch“.  April’s challenge was to “put a bird on it”.  Can you believe I actually had my item completed by the first weekend in April?  That’s four days people!!  And I’m only just getting this up now!  Having said that, I’m still trying to work the in’s and out’s of wordpress out, so this post will be very short and sweet.

So, my “bird” outfit, actually ended up being a dress for my 2 year old daughter for Easter.  And it was only after I had it made that I realised it actually fit the “bird” criteria as well.  Bonus!   So I’d been seeing quite a few of these “Haven” dresses from Violette Fields Threads floating around on Facebook and I was in love with them!  You can get your copy of the pattern here!  (Can you believe I’m even attempting to link this??!!  I think it might even have worked!! I’ve even gone back and linked some others…)

Because it was still quite warm here at Easter time, and because they looked quite simple to make, I was determined that I’d get one made for Miss 2 for Easter.   And kill two birds with one stone!  Challenge met – tick!  Easter outfit – tick!  Winning!


I must say it was a very quick and simple sew and I loved the end result.  Realistically, it probably only took me about 2 hours, maybe 3 tops, to put together (if I was in front of the machine for that whole time).  In reality though, I did a bit one evening and finished it off the next evening when both of my little munchkins were in bed and dreaming about the Easter Bunny!


The fabric was some I had stowed away in my stash with full intentions of putting to good use one day, which thankfully I finally have!!  Hubby will be quite pleased that I’m actually using the fabric I already have, instead of buying something new instead.  Although, I do have a LOT of other projects that I’ve been purchasing for instead.  Woops!

I do love the frill detail in the back of the bodice, but I must admit I cannot tie a bow to save myself!!

IMG_7125 IMG_7123

I think it’s safe to say Miss 2 seemed happy with the end result.  (And, ahem…. please excuse my bush girls messy hair and choice of toys!!  She is very much a farm girl – note farm animals on coffee table and roaring around on her “motorbike”.  As for the water pistol, I think she snavelled that out of a costume for daddy to dress up as “The Rock”.  Eeekkk!!!)

IMG_7122 IMG_7126 IMG_7127 IMG_7129

So, my supposedly short and sweet first ever blog has actually turned out quite long.  I think I’ll leave it at that and get back to planning all those other projects!

Have you tried out the Haven dress at all?  Would love to see your versions!!  (Don’t ask me how to do that yet – I’m guessing you can add them in the comments… maybe?  We’ll learn all this together!!)

Cheers until next time!!